Back to basics
Back to basics

Welcome to DATAGACY !

We are delighted to welcome you to our website. DATAGACY is an engineering company grouping high end managers and technical experts in the following fields:

- Management

    - IP, White papers

    - Methodologies (DOD, Agile, XP, No-Code,...)

    - Team Building (Connections with top engineer schools)

    - Scale-up

- Technical knowledge

   - Video/Audio codecs

   - IPTV/OTT broadcasting and infrastructure

   - Windows/Linux/Android Virtualization

   - WebRTC streaming

   - IOT/arduino prototyping

   - Data collection & data analysis

   - Artificial Intelligence (AI)

   - Blockchains (Tezos)

   - Machine Virtualization

   - Smart Contrat/Decentralized Application (Tezos)


We provide smart solutions for startups' deep technical issues.

We are at your disposal to answer any question. Do not hesitate to contact us !


You can now find on our website all news about our company.